The Anton Bauer Lite Panel provides heat free and flicker free soft 5600K light. These LEDs are ideal for many applications, yet consume very little battery power. A 3200K filter is included with each light, allowing for quick changes to properly match color temperatures, and a dimmer allows for adjustment of 0-100% with minimal color temperature change.

What's Included

Light Panel
P-Tap connector
Corrective Gels


  • Light
    Daylight Balanced


$120Per Week

Pickup procedures

Pickup time is Monday-Friday 2:00 pm-4:30 pm the day before your rental starts. Rental needs to be returned by 10 am the day after your rental. For after business hours or weekend returns, we have a secure lockbox. We will provide you with a custom code to access the lockbox. If your rental requires prep time in the VPS Shop, please schedule time when booking your equipment.