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Viewpoint is your broadcast and video solutions provider. For over 35 years we have been a resource to the production community with our expert advice and hands-on experience. We can help answer your production questions and provide you with the support you need to keep your project under budget and on time. From rentals to production services, Viewpoint has you covered with equipment, crew, mobile units, and studio facilities.

Since 1982 Viewpoint has been providing quality service to the broadcast and video production community locally in the Pittsburgh market and in markets across the country. Our business is focused on our client’s needs and providing quality customer service with excellent technical support. We are hands-on professionals that work in the field and understand production. We can assist you with equipment rental, ENG shoots, crewing, mobile units, production management, studio facilities and turnkey production. Our goal is to make production easy for our clients.


We offer video and audio equipment from the industry’s top brands for any project at any budget. Each rental is fully supported by our professional staff from the first conversation to the consultation when you pick up your gear. Technical support is available throughout your rental, and for your convenience we have a 24-hour secure, lock box for pickups and returns. The success of our clients is our #1 priority.



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Viewpoint provides a wide range of services that include ENG/EFP packages with crew, custom equipment packages, system integration, studio facilities including green screen, complete turnkey production and production management. We can provide transmission via uplink or streaming as well as LED display trailers for your event. We are here to help our clients through the production process from start to success!

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