“We use Viewpoint because of the crew. Viewpoint is always working to help us reduce costs and turn out the best possible production with the resources we have available.  We get curve balls thrown at us on almost every production and the entire Viewpoint crew jumps in to help us find a solution.  Ron, Ben and Bill are the best and they 'get it.' It's awesome to have them on the team.  It's to the point now that it doesn't feel like a show without them.”
-Brian Dunlap,  Director of Broadcast Services for World Racing Group.


“From day one, they helped me build my business with great equipment, great service and great people.  I wouldn't have made it without them.”
-Chet Burks, Chet Burks Productions


“They're very dedicated to ROOT Sports and have been a great partner for many years.”
-Craig McConnell, Coordinating Producer at ROOT Sports.


“Viewpoint makes your job easy. They make it easy for you to worry about ways to improve a broadcast rather than spending time figuring out how to just get it on the air.  You start at a higher level to begin with and that's a great comfort to someone who has to answer to a lot of administrators on a daily basis.”
-Paul Barto, Director of PantherVision Production for the University of Pittsburgh Athletics


“Working with Viewpoint is different than working with other production companies.  There's an affinity with the Viewpoint crew that goes beyond a simple business relationship.  It's clear that they care about the quality of the production as much as I do, and they're willing to do anything to make it work.”
-Brian Leopold, Executive Producer at WPXI Pittsburgh