ENG Crewing

Viewpoint Production Services has been providing Pittsburgh’s best ENG crews for over 30 years.

Viewpoint has been involved in every major news event in the region for the past three decades.  All of the individuals who are a part of the Viewpoint production team, have been selected based on their professionalism, years of experience, and stellar reviews from previous projects. 

Viewpoint is proud to say we have provided ENG coverage for the following major events, just to name a few.  Although some of these events are tragic, Viewpoint is pleased to be known as a reliable, first class operation when news needs to be reported.

911 Plane Crash, Somerset, PA
Quecreek Mining Disaster/Rescue
G-20 Summit
Martha Stewart
Stanley Cup Champions, Pittsburgh Penguins, 3 time winners!
Super Bowl Champions, Pittsburgh Steelers, 6 time winners!
Groundhog Day at Punxsutawney, PA
Implosion of Three Rivers Stadium
Wilkinsburg Massacre
Cleveland Kidnapping Rescue
John Kerry announcing John Edwards as running mate
Publishers Clearing House $10,0000 Winner
Policemen’s funeral, Pool feed for local and National Broadcasters
Firefighter’s funeral, Pool feed for local and National Broadcasters
Flight 427 Air Disaster
Hurricane Ivan Flooding
Survivor, local winner Jenna Morasca
NRA Convention Coverage
Jerry Sandusky Scandal
Joe Paterno Funeral

All of the professionals Viewpoint utilizes, (both from our in house pool) and our subcontractors have been selected through a rigorous process. The selection of crew people begins with interviewing, interning, on the job training, and customer feedback, and are all steps taken before the individuals are offered an opportunity to participate as a crew member.  Our crew members have many strengths, and because we pull from such a vast group of talent, we can personally select the right individuals for your shoot. From breaking news, to scenics/B-Roll, high profile interviews, medical, industrial, Red Carpet, “on set” behind the scenes of feature films, and anything else you can think of, Viewpoint has a crew to meet your needs.

In addition to having our crews on site at major news events, Viewpoint is also the production company of choice for National & International crewing companies, Fortune 1000 companies, and every major cable channel, that needs assistance in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region. 

Viewpoint is also very unique in the services we are able provide, with our vast inventory of rental equipment, for example during the tragic events of September 11, Viewpoint sent a 55x lens with one of the 12 crews who were dispatched directly from our headquarters.  This lens was used to capture the best view of the wreckage sight that was over ¼ mile away.  This is a shot that remains in use today, because it was simply the best coverage available.

During the Quecreek mining disaster Viewpoint provided Geraldo Rivera with a 2 man ENG crew. As the story unfolded, Geraldo requested a 4-camera production of his evening show. Viewpoint was able to meet and exceed Geraldo’s requests by providing a fly pack on site within 2 hours of the call, with complete video, lighting, and sound crew.

Viewpoint's crews can adapt to any situation. We have been honored  to provide crews for some fun events as well, like when the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily Circus train passed through the great Horseshoe Curve in Altoona PA from both land and air, or covering the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile, through the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix race course.